About Us

Ashankur focuses its efforts on the empowerment of women. We believe that sustainable development in any community or society cannot happen unless women of that community/society are empowered. We also believe that empowerment is not simply restricted to economic self-sufficiency but is linked with human development to foster the expansion of a person's capacities. Empowerment also creates an environment where people are able to develop and apply their knowledge and skills, and to increase their potential by the exercise of active choice with regard to work, leisure, and civic rights.

Some of the major barriers to the empowerment of women are illiteracy, lack of control over resources and non-participation in decision-making. Our aim and effort, therefore, is to facilitate change to enable women to stand up on their own feet and take decisions concerning their lives. To achieve this, we focus on four areas where change can take place.

  • Change from household seclusion to social interaction.
  • Change from the lack of control to control over resources
  • Change from non-participation to equal rights in Decision-making
  • Change from the humdrum routine of daily tasks to income-generating activities

The progress of our programs is largely dependent on the fact that women participate in their formulation and implementation. They are the contributors and the beneficiaries. Our vision is thus to reach out to as many rural women as possible so that we shall witness the birth of a reformed society where women have an equal foothold over rights and resources

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Contact Information

Ashankur Rural Women's Center
Village Bhokar
Tal. Shrirampur
Dist. Ahmednagar
Maharashtra India 413 739

Phone: 02422 - 245649