Our Successes

Since 2005, 5500 women are connected to Ashankur, through our work in 22 villages around Bhokar.

The impact of the work on the villages is summarized below:

  • Because our groups are based on economic homogeneity and not on caste/religion structures, the members of the group come from across the religious community. This has enhanced communal harmony. The literacy classes helped to bridge caste-based misconceptions among women.
  • Women themselves have realized that due to literacy and information there is much more respect for them in the family.
  • In many families, the relationship between mothers and daughters-in-law have improved and there is more mutual support.
  • Families are now getting used to women going for overnight training sessions. 
  • Wife beating is decreasing in some villages.
  • Awareness of the need for the education of girls is stressed.
  • Groups are beginning to think about the dowry system, and related problems are now brought up for discussion
  • Women are now accustomed to visiting Gram panchayat or government offices and are able to demand their rights.
  • Men have started commenting that because of the women's organizations in their villages, Panchayat Samitee (Local self-government) has begun to link their programs with the villages, and the quality of life in the villages is improving.
  • The overall community attitude towards women is changing positively.

Quick Performance Statistics on our work in 2008-09.

  • We worked in 22 villages of building awareness among women of their basic human rights
  • 16 new SHGs were initiated
  • 300 women continued their income generation activity ¬†with our support
  • Another 160 women have taken up various income generation activities
  • At the main centre, 87 young girls completed their residential vocational training in Nurses Aid, Computer literacy, Dress designing, and Electronics.
  • 22 NGOs from Maharashtra and Gujarat were supported by the capacity building program under the EC project
  • 1250 school drop-out women/youth were trained for various skills training, through partner NGOs. Ongoing coping-skill sessions and seminars on personality development were part of this program.
  • 56 widows, who do not own any land or fit into the Government pension scheme, were given a goat each to provide support.

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