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Self-help groups

Self Help Groups

Ashankur has been building up a grass-roots movement where women initiate attitudinal change towards themselves.  We do this by organizing them in the formation of Self-Help-Groups (SHGs).

These SHGs are self-governed and the group makes decisions about various village issues and production-oriented, income-generating activities. Whereas social interaction and sharing of resources are natural consequences of such activities, self-reliance and positive self-image are added advantages. We use these groups also to sensitize them to their own strengths and the social issues around them. This program has given them confidence. It has helped them to get out of the clutches of money lenders; build communal harmony and minimize the effects of the caste system. Here they get a platform to express their solidarity with each other. The economic power and group support gives them dignity and bargaining power in the society.

In the first six months our efforts focus on making women aware of the need to become united and organized, of realizing their own potential. Participation in village development programs is then encouraged. Different issues pertaining to women's lives are discussed in monthly meetings. Simultaneously the capacity to participate in Panchayat Raj (local government at the block level) and to manage income generation is encouraged and strengthened.

Presently we have 185 Self Help Groups and 22 Women's Farmers Group (network of 5500 women).

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