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Micro-finance programs have been launched to help the women in the SHGs get organized and familiar with managing money. The women are guided as they develop a demonstrable track record with the money lent to them. This track record can then be used by the SHGs to obtain financing from more traditional institutional micro-finance institutions.

Typically, Rs. 50 (80 Cent) or Rs. 25 (40 Cent) every month is contributed by every woman member of the group. It is collected together and put in the bank. The group is taught to manage their own money, to write accounts, to go to the bank, to deposit the money and then they start internal lending. They learn to take decisions of how to use their own money and to support each other. This gives them tremendous joy and satisfaction of owning their own earnings.

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Ashankur Rural Women's Center
Village Bhokar
Tal. Shrirampur
Dist. Ahmednagar
Maharashtra India 413 739

Phone: 02422 - 245649